Family and Children Photography Session| Modern and Vintage merge for some fun!

These two families are so dear to my heart.  Believe it or not I have seen them transform from middle school students to marriage to now parents themselves.  I am so blessed to have them in my life and so happy that I  get to help document their lives.  Plus my favorite thing is they get me and how I work.  I loved the wardrobe they showed up with.  I had to laugh when they said we just brought our most colorful and textured stuff.  You should of seen the room as we laid out the possible clothing combos.  It was like a closet exploded.  The best part was when I told the dad’s hey grab that couch and put in the back of the expedition.  They didn’t even question it and we were off for the adventure.

We had about 90 minutes to photograph both families with mini sessions, some kid highlights, a cousin picture, and then an original 4 parent photo.  We were cooking as we tried to keep all the kiddos engaged and not begging to go home and go swimming.  I so loooooove this shoot not just because of my subjects but the images warm my heart.  I loved everything about it.

This entire family is involved with music.  From instruments to voice they do it all.  What I love about the session is that even close in age the two families are slightly in different stage.  One still has a baby which limits them, while the other family has two kids ready for adventure and needs much more entertainment.  But their parents live up to the expectations.  I’m sure if you were to have walked by while we were doing this session you would of stopped and stared.  I had a hard time focusing because of the laughter as all the adults would belt out Disney tunes for smiles or to get the kiddos to sing along.  I think some of my favorites are the ones with the vintage cameras especially since each of the kids kept looking at the back of it to see themselves.  They would ask “where am I?”