New Wedding, Engagement, and Boudoir site is live| Leap Year Tradition

Well this is the year people! A year when you get that extra day to catch up on something.  You get an extra 24 hours that you don’t normally have. I’d love to know what your going to do with your extra time.  What is leap day and why do we have it?  The geeky version of why we have leap year is so that the Gregorian Calender ( that most of the world uses) lines up properly with the earth’s rotation around the sun.  The more fun and romantic version is that women can propose to men.  Myths are that if a woman proposed to a man on Leap day he couldn’t say no.  It was a way for a woman to take control of her own love life and to help along those men who were sitting on the pot a little too long if you know what I mean.  This was a tradition that was pretty rampant until the 1960′s and free love took control of the world.

Well for me no matter why I’m thankful for the extra day. Here at Jill Johnson photography it is a very exciting Leap Day because we are launching the beginning of our new sites. Yes sites, you heard me correctly.  We will be launching our new wedding, engagement, and boudoir site today which can be found at  Hopefully in the next week or two our new site will be completed as well. (It is currently live as well as a teaser but is still under construction).  On top of all that our blog has been experiencing a new overhaul and will shine in it’s full glory with all it’s bells and whistles.  It has been very exciting and busy around here as we worked on creating a new  interactive and user friendly site.

Now is all of it complete?  No, but honestly, when is a site ever completed?  It is like a woman’s wardrobe constantly changing and evolving.  But I would love to point out some of the things about these new sites.  First of all you can still find all of my work at  Here you’ll find a landing page that can direct you to the site you are most interested in.   It will also give you a sneak peak of some of our most recent gossip, news, and photos on the blog preview strip, and last but not least special flower buttons for you to share what you found with your friends, families, and social medias. Keep checking back because we are still adding more things to all of these sites as they evolve but for now we felt it was a great teaser.

The blog and the kid/creative portrait site will also have some of these great features as well as some other little tidbits that we’ll share when they are closer to completion.

Most of all I would love to thank all the people who have helped me put this all together.  It would have been released on the next leap year if not for their amazing help.  Pamela Francisco of Pamela Francisco Illustration, Eric at Big Folio, Ken Leslie (blog builder extraordinaire),Luke Goodman for the films, Andy Mark, and of course all my fellow photo peeps for their support and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy looking over the new look and I would love to hear what you think!  Stuff you love! Stuff you would still like to see! Suggestions will be taken in to consideration :).  I love what I do and I”m so excited to be sharing just a little bit about my world.


Family and Children Photography Session| Modern and Vintage merge for some fun!

These two families are so dear to my heart.  Believe it or not I have seen them transform from middle school students to marriage to now parents themselves.  I am so blessed to have them in my life and so happy that I  get to help document their lives.  Plus my favorite thing is they get me and how I work.  I loved the wardrobe they showed up with.  I had to laugh when they said we just brought our most colorful and textured stuff.  You should of seen the room as we laid out the possible clothing combos.  It was like a closet exploded.  The best part was when I told the dad’s hey grab that couch and put in the back of the expedition.  They didn’t even question it and we were off for the adventure.

We had about 90 minutes to photograph both families with mini sessions, some kid highlights, a cousin picture, and then an original 4 parent photo.  We were cooking as we tried to keep all the kiddos engaged and not begging to go home and go swimming.  I so loooooove this shoot not just because of my subjects but the images warm my heart.  I loved everything about it.

This entire family is involved with music.  From instruments to voice they do it all.  What I love about the session is that even close in age the two families are slightly in different stage.  One still has a baby which limits them, while the other family has two kids ready for adventure and needs much more entertainment.  But their parents live up to the expectations.  I’m sure if you were to have walked by while we were doing this session you would of stopped and stared.  I had a hard time focusing because of the laughter as all the adults would belt out Disney tunes for smiles or to get the kiddos to sing along.  I think some of my favorites are the ones with the vintage cameras especially since each of the kids kept looking at the back of it to see themselves.  They would ask “where am I?”