Intersecting Lives Finally Connecting | Engagement session with Ellen and Fernando

These two walked in to my office and it was an instant connection. I had so much fun learning about their wedding plans, their families, favorite t.v. shows, and of course their love story.  I love finding out how people meet.  Their story starts at elementary school.  They both attended the same school and Fernando was a year ahead of Ellen. They never talked to each other even though he remembered her, she didn’t remember him.

He moved away and it wasn’t for years til he graduated from high school did their lives intersect again.  This time they actually did a “Hi” face to face but nothing really went from there except an occasional my space connecection.  As time went by, Ellen took a film class in college where she reconnected with a friend from middle school.  This person told her I have a guy friend you should hang out with, you guys would get along great.  You guessed it, it was Fernando.  After returning to California from New York and a couple of messages via my space they started hanging out.  What I love about this part of the story (must be my romantic side) is that they didn’t start out dating.  They really started a friendship.  Fernando would get off work late and the two of them would talk in to the wee hours of the morning.  Ellen shared they would star gaze for hours and just talk.  Eventually, it was a smooth transition and they just became a couple. It reminds me of the old saying two ships in the night but they finally connected. In fact, they don’t even remember an official day when they became a couple it just kind of happened.

Well after spending the day with them, photographing them, and learning more about these two people who are truly opposites, they just compliment each other.  They just have a real natural ease with each other and I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding and documenting just another chapter in their story. The last couple of photos were taken at the school where their lives first intertwined and I believe where the journey all started.  If you love their photos or their story leave them a little love below to let them know you stopped by. I’m sure they can’t wait to hear from you.  Enjoy!