Puppy Love | Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We would love for you to meet Charleston, Charles, Charlie, Bear, and sometimes bad dog.  Charlie, who is a golden doodle, has been with us for almost a year now and we love him immensely. You know that love that every time you see him you just want to squeeze him. He has won all of our hearts even dad.

I love these pictures of my kids with their dog.  A daily occurrence of them rough housing snuggling and laughing with him in their room.  When this was happening one day, I went to get my phone real quick and stopped myself in my tracks.  Why I”m I grabbing the phone?  I have a great camera and we’re not just out running errands and something funny or cute happens. I realized I had gotten in the habit of cheating myself and my family of great quality images because of convenience.  I guess it’s true about the shoe cobbler’s kids except my kids have photos of them (on my phone) but how often do I take the time to get pictures of my family like I do for my clients? Then I thought when was the last time I uploaded the photos from my phone?  I would be devastated if I lost it and all those memories went with it. It was right then and there I grabbed my Nikon and had a great time documenting them and their best pooch.  It’s moments like this as funny as it sounds gives me little pick me of ups of creativity and love for what I do.  Besides, how could I not love these pictures.  They are three of the cutest subjects around and they are my heart.

Wishing you love and happiness on this Valentine’s Day!  And one last thing when was the last time you uploaded the photos from your phone?


San Francisco Boudoir and Beauty Photography | Ceremony Magazine

The past couple of months has been a little bit of a roller coaster for me and I knew it was time to make some changes.  So, I took out my trusty, rusty, compass (who remembers Ernie’s from Sesame Street) and waited for it to tell me where to go.  It told me what I already knew and it was to slow down a little in 2013. Which meant taking a leap of faith and making some changes. But I knew it was time for some new priorities and to take the time to work on some photography projects that I really wanted to concentrate on this year.

So when Amy, the editor of Ceremony Magazine, called me and asked if I wanted to do an editorial on Boudoir I jumped on it. Beauty, Glamor, Boudoir, whatever you like to call it I love making women feel beautiful. Whether the women decides to just do a beautiful portrait or if she decides to reveal a little more the results are always the same.  They’ve find liberation, a self respect, self confidence, and new appreciation for themselves they didn’t have before.  That is why these photographic sessions are so rewarding. Whether it is for a special someone or just  for yourself something good always comes out of them.

One of the best things about this session was the wonderful women who helped make it wonderful.  It may of been cold, and rainy outside but inside the suite was full of warmth and laughter.  Special thanks to Tanja Lippert who did hair and make-up, Maria Chang for doing just whatever needed to be done, and Rachel Perscott from Scout Model Agency  who didn’t even question what we asked her to do.  The energy and excitement these women brought to the project just made it that more special and just one of the many reasons I love what I do.

Interested in setting up your own session? Just two words of advice “Do it”!  You won’t regret it.

Ceremony 2013 Boudoir EditorialCeremony Magazine 2013Sanfranciscoboudoir2Sanfranciscoboudoir



Wedding Table Inspirations with Huckleberry Karen Designs | Ceremony Magazine

I told you there were would be more from the new 2013 Ceremony Magazine.  I was happy to be working with Kathleen at Villa Montalvo again this year along side of floral designer Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs.  Her pastel palettes looked wonderful with the surroundings at Villa Montalvo Arts.  My favorite was the simplicity of the lace, burlap, and baby’s breath.  The linens for the shoot were from Wildflower linens.  They always have amazing things to choose from.  I hope these things give you a little inspiration for your big day.

rbk091 rbk092

Ceremony Magazine features Fawn and Greg’s Mansion Wedding

We are so happy that Ceremony Magazine decided to feature Fawn and Greg’s wedding that was held at the beautiful Historic Grand Island Mansion.  It was beautifully done and the tea ceremony was such a highlight of the day.  This bride and groom took a lot of care in picking out all of their vendors and they were amazing.  Below is the spread from the magazine and here is a link to their blog post if you would like to see more. But you should go and pick up a copy of this gorgeous magazine for more inspiration.  We’ll be showing a couple more things in the next few days that we helped contribute to the magazine.  It is so exciting to work with some of the best vendors and creative professionals in the San Francisco Bay area.

Jill Johnson Photography

Grand Island Mansion published in Ceremony Magazine

Circus Life with the Johnsons | Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your new year is more blessed then the year before.  For me I have to laugh because it’s only day two and I’m already behind.  But so is life and all you can do is keep moving forward.  I know you have all heard of the how the cobbler’s kids never had shoes well for me that was the story of this year. (What no Christmas shoot?)  I’d been visioning a shoot for my family for about 2 years, but never fully found the time to put it all together.  With everyone’s crazy schedule and what it would take to pull it off I decided to go another route.  I have a ton of photos in my house of my family but I wanted something a little different to hang on the wall this year.  So, I merged my envisioned shoot with the artistic drawing and painting talents of my friend Pamela Goodman to create the master piece below.  WE are so in love with it and I love how it captures all of our personalities.  My husband Eric, the strong man, supporting and holding us all together. Our youngest Aidan and his death defying gymnastic tricks and smiley little face. Our oldest Cole who keeps us in stitches with his clowning around and his love for our pets. Charlie our golden doodle the newest addition to our family this year who loves to play chase.  Cheddar our faithful feline friend who isn’t going to do anything he doesn’t want to.  And of course me the ringleader of the crazy family and doing my best to juggle all of our lives together.  Well, I mentioned I try my best to get keep it all together but this year I was short quite a few Christmas/New Year’s Card.  So, I apologize if you didn’t get one.  I would love to share our life with you, and hope you follow along to find out more about Cirque du Johnson’s best show on earth.  I know there will be many adventures to share.  Happy New Year!