Wedding Table Inspirations with Huckleberry Karen Designs | Ceremony Magazine

I told you there were would be more from the new 2013 Ceremony Magazine.  I was happy to be working with Kathleen at Villa Montalvo again this year along side of floral designer Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs.  Her pastel palettes looked wonderful with the surroundings at Villa Montalvo Arts.  My favorite was the simplicity of the lace, burlap, and baby’s breath.  The linens for the shoot were from Wildflower linens.  They always have amazing things to choose from.  I hope these things give you a little inspiration for your big day.

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Ceremony Magazine features Fawn and Greg’s Mansion Wedding

We are so happy that Ceremony Magazine decided to feature Fawn and Greg’s wedding that was held at the beautiful Historic Grand Island Mansion.  It was beautifully done and the tea ceremony was such a highlight of the day.  This bride and groom took a lot of care in picking out all of their vendors and they were amazing.  Below is the spread from the magazine and here is a link to their blog post if you would like to see more. But you should go and pick up a copy of this gorgeous magazine for more inspiration.  We’ll be showing a couple more things in the next few days that we helped contribute to the magazine.  It is so exciting to work with some of the best vendors and creative professionals in the San Francisco Bay area.

Jill Johnson Photography

Grand Island Mansion published in Ceremony Magazine

Midsummer’s Night Dream Wedding Inspiration | Published on Style Unveiled

We are so excited to announce the publication of Mid Summer’s Dream by Style Unveiled.  This inspiration board was formed from the ballet and story of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Creating this whimsical land was a lot of fun, a melding of fairy tales and reality. Heather had it right how can you go wrong with a headpiece from Twigs n Honey.  I adore her headpieces.  A special thank you to make up artist Charlise Tran for getting this idea all started and the many wonderful vendors it took to carry it off.  To see more of the images head on over to Style Unveiled by clicking here to see them. Below is just a couple of my favorite images and a list of all the wonderful people who made this shoot come true.  If your interested in any of them you can find there info here or on Style Unveiled.  If you love what you see remember to leave them a little love here.



Gabrielle’s Bridal Atelier



Just My Size

(408) 559-4066

2375 S Bascom Ave,

Campbell, CA 95008



Scout Talent Agency

12 Geary St 5th Floor, SF, CA 94108

San Francisco 415.781.7004

Los Angeles 310.274.2779

Fax 415.781.7005


Head Piece Designer:

Twigs and Honey




Charlise Tran



Moderne Beauty: Monina Wright


Cakes & Desserts:

Jen Kwapinski- Jen’s Cakes


Natalini Flowers by Crispy


Tabletop Design & Stylist:

Tracy Blanks




Marivic Catagao

Marizette Paperie









































April Cover with Ingela Floral | Ceremony Magazine San Francisco

I was so happy to be part of Ceremony magazines launch in to the San Francisco area.  They are a beautiful magazine out of Southern California and this year they introduced themselves to the bay area.  I had the opportunity to work with some great florist on the grounds of Villa Montalvo.  Better yet, It was great to see one of my shots of a beautiful bouquet by Ingela Floral.  It really is breathtaking I love the colors she used with the succulents.  Flower Divas also did an amazing job with their hues of peaches and cream.  Both had such different looks for the beautiful mansion in Saratoga. Please have a look at the photos below.  Last Ceremony just launched their new blog.  Have a look here



Today’s Bride Magazine | Our Editorial Country Creamery Shoot aka California Couture

Just about a week ago we had a chance to celebrate the launch of the new look for San Francisco’s longest running bridal magazine Today’s Bride.  It was a wonderful evening held at the Winery SF on Treasure Island.  It was a great location and the view of the city was crystal clear and amazing.  MB Wedding Design and Events transformed the space in to a wonderful party venue. I had so much fun catching up with friends from all over the bay area.

This year along with Tia Reagan of Freebird Productions, I had the honor of shooting an editorial for Today’s Bride Magazine. The shoot started like you would imagine on a dairy farm in Petaluma, too early according to my clock.  Yes we were up before the rooster crowed but, what was so exciting for us was that the morning shot came out almost exactly like we had envisioned with a beautiful morning misty fog kind of feel. (If only the rays of light could of worked it’s way through it would of been a perfect dream).  Yet, we loved it anyway and the first shot set the tone for the rest of the day as we attacked the beautiful dresses that we would be featuring.

We were fortunate to work with some of the best in the wedding industry when putting our shoot together.  Most of the beautiful dresses you see were borrowed from Gabrielle’s Bridal Atelier in Campbell with the exception of the very first dress in the misty morning fog. This dress was from a very talented designer in San Francisco,  Amy Kuschel. I really enjoyed working with both shops they were so accomodating and friendly. Twigs and Honey, one of my favorite head peace designers, supplied many of the over the top adorable headpieces. Flower Divas  out did themselves with the beautiful and country flower bouquets while, Really Bad Kitty on etsy did an amazing job on the farm animal broache and button bouquet.  The amazingly cute and fresh models Tucker and Annette were from Scout Model and Talent Agency out of San Francisco. They were so amazing together you never would of guessed they weren’t a real couple.  Last, one of our favorites,  Luke Goodman Cinematography filmed the video of our day.  It was a great team and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Below is the video and to see more of the photographs from this shoot visit Today’s Bride online, pick up a copy of the magazine, or there is more to view on my website under Editorial.



The amazing video by Luke Goodman Cinematography