A Little Girl’s Mission | Apples for Haiti Orphans

Hey everyone just wanted to share this with you.  My nephew and his mom just went on a missions trip to Haiti to work at an orphanage.  My great niece sensed such an urgency to help these kids that she started her own fundraiser.  I am so touched and proud of her and her giving heart.  What a great way to show the love of Christ and for her to see that SHE can make a difference in someone’s life no matter how big you are.  Read below to hear more from her and if you can help her please contact them below for where you can send your donations.  Below is also some photos of her dad helping at the orphanage, and Bailey.  She’s the little blonde :) Last if you would like to leave Bailey a note of encouragement please feel free to do below.



My name is Bailey Grace Eden, 6 years old, and I would like to help the children in Haiti.  I am asking for your help in raising money to help buy apples for the orphans.  Apples are very rare and the kids will love them.  I want to help so they can be happier and not be hungry.    My grandma told me that some kids don’t have any food and they eat dirt.  I would really like you to help me so they don’t have to eat dirt.

For one week I am going to read books and would like you to make a pledge to support my reading in effort to raise money for the children.   Please make a per page pledge that I will read in my Level  1 learn to read books.  Thank you very much for helping me raise money for the children in Haiti.

Name of Supporter:   _____________________________________________________

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Pledge amount per page read:  _____________________________________________

Or designated donation:     _________________________________________________

I will be reading from Wednesday, February 8th-Tuesday February 14th.


A note from Bailey’s parents:

Our daughter has such a heart for the children of Haiti.  Her grandma and her dad have just returned from a 10 day mission trip.  Since their return, her passion has grown immensely.  She has such a sense of urgency in raising money to help feed the orphans in Torbeck.  She stated that she wants to send some right away to help out until she can raise more.  I ask you to help support my 6 year old in following her heart and living out her love for Christ by helping the less fortunate.

When I asked her what her goal is she said, $1000.  There is a team going to the orphanage on Feb 20th.  Bailey has a strong desire to send the money that she raises down with this team.

Please email your pledges to Amanda Eden at anjohns782@aol.com   or contact them via a message on facebook



For more information regarding the orphanage visit: http://www.childrenofisraelorphanage.org/

Thank you.