Grow with baby photo session| Life with Mason Age 6 months

These sessions are always fun because you get to see how the baby changes.  If you have ever been a parent you understand how quickly.  Getting to know Mason has been a real treat and I’m anxious to see what he’s doing now when I visit.  Whether it is rolling over, sitting up, teething, talking, eating solids, crawling or just making mommy and daddy’s life better.  Every baby is different on how they develop and being able to document it for new parents is always a great feeling.  Mason started eating solids since I saw him last and he is so funny because they say he loves to have his foot up on the tray while being fed.  Not sure if it is just more comfy or if he just wants to sit in style.  He was sitting up but not crawling but one thing he has down is his big smile and giggle.  You can’t help but have your heart melt when you hear or see it.  Here are a few images from their latest session “Life with Mason”.  Enjoy and in case you missed it you can see their maternity session by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Grow with baby photo session| Life with Mason Age 6 months

  1. What a handsome little boy! You have filled our hearts with so much love.
    We love your smile and all your giggles.
    Love ya

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