Guiliana is one! | Baby’s first year

Whether you call her Guiliana, Gigi, Gia, or baby girl, the fact is you have to call her adorable.  I had such a great time getting to know little Miss Gia for her one year old photo.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph her mommy and daddy over the years and had the privilege of meeting her for her 3 month photo session.  She has grown so much in size and personality.  I loved her personalized outfit that her mommy found on and that she knew how to use it.  We had a great hour or so in downtown San Jose and the children’s museum made for the perfect backdrop.  I’m not sure if I laughed more or if I photographed more but she was a delight!  Plus, she was the first one to help us with our operation smile campaign.  Her smile is helping another child recieve a smile.  To find out more on how you can help a child smile click here.

If you want to see her 3 month session you can view it by clicking here.

And of course a couple with her wonderful parents.  I love these guys two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Michael and Casie |Engagement/Elopement photos part two

Like I mentioned on their earlier post they eloped at lunch.  I asked “Casie what did you wear?” and she said ” my jeans”.  With Michael shipping off for Korea there wasn’t alot of time to get a wedding planned and they did what many people in the armed services do-eloped.  Many of us in the family really wanted them to have some wedding photos and we came up with the following idea.  Little did I know how hard it would be to really photograph a couple in a rowboat but it was a good time.  If it wasn’t for the sun breaking out for the last 15 minutes of the day we wouldn’t of gotten these images.  Thank you sunshine and my wonderful cousin who had the rowboat at his home.    What is funny about some of these photos is my cousin is either sitting in the boat or holding on to it so they didn’t flip over.  It was quite an adventure but it turned out to be a fabulous day, and no everyone ended up dry at the end of the day.

And behind the scenes one of my favorite crew members ever.  Cousin Brian you make a fantastic best boy.

Michael and Casie| Part One Engagement/Elopement

These two tied the knot quite a few months ago in South Carolina over their lunch hour at the US Naval base.  So when you do something like that there isn’t a lot of pictures.  I had so much fun ( but a little stressful) doing  their engagement session and their wedding session all in one day.  In fact, Michael was on leave from Korea and we had only one day to do these rain or shine.  And as luck would have it we had both but the weather blessed us with some sun at some great moments between the clouds and well a few chicken showed up for the session.  But these photos truly show how goofy and playful the two of them are with each other.  Here is part one of their engagement-elopement marathon photo shoot.

Adam| Senior Photos

Yes, I do senior photos I just don’t get the opportunity much.  Back in Michigan Senior pictures are really important and most think about it for months.  Here in California most just go to the photographer under contract with the school, get the tux or drape and their done.  I hope to change that because honestly how often do you see a teenager in a black wrap or tux except for prom?  I love capturing who they really are, what they really  wear, and recording such an important milestone in their lives.  Adam was so fun to work with and as you can tell he’s a happy young man.  We had a great time laughing, talking, and we didn’t even do any trespassing.  When I was just about his age I was a bridesmaid in his parents wedding and I was so honored to photograph him.  He’s a great kid and I can’t wait to see what he does in this world.

Jack and Drew the Dynamic Duo| A Children’s Photo Session

Jack and Drew are the superhero addicts in the family hence the tattoos.  Do you know what?  Tattoos and little boys go hand in hand, I should know because of my own two.  These two are brothers but are different in so many ways.  Jack,  I think is a little more cautious and likes to think things over.  He is also a non-stop talker, like his mom at this age,  and will ask every question he can possibly imagine.  Drew, also known as “Tank” is the daredevil of the two.  He saw brother up in the tree and had to do it to.  But with him you had to watch real carefully because he would of jumped of it if you weren’t looking.  Like most boys they have a love for trucks and superheros which I can totally relate too because my little guys were the same way.  Well, we finally were able to finish this shoot.  It only took about 4 adults, 2 kids, and promise to get some Blue Moon ice cream as soon as we were done.  Not bad for a few minutes in Grandpa’s yard.