Announcing our newest baby session “Guiliana Louise”

I was so excited when Jana and Gino asked me to photograph the new addition to their family.  She is just adorable and the cutest little peanut.  She did great on her first photo session and Guiliana went above and beyond what a little girl needed to do.  I love spending time with the Borello’s!


Halloween 09

I had to admit this was an unusual year for the Johnsons.  I feel like Halloween snuck up on us this year and went right by.  For me I was sad because between everyone’s schedules this year we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch which I love.  These are usually some of my favorite pictures of my kids all year long.  But for those of you who have been asking here are some picks  to our very quick Halloween season this year.  I had a nerd and football player.  Enjoy!


Party of Five Children’s Photography Session

These days you don’t see many large families so it was so fun to be able to shoot this crowd.  Yes, they are all siblings ranging from 6 months up to middle school age.   Being the youngest of 6 myself it was great to see the different dynamics among the siblings and how each of their personalities came out during the shoot. We kept busy trying to keep their attention but it was a lot of fun.  One of my favorites is them walking on the hill.  It shows alot about a big family.  I love how the one boy is making faces at the baby, the other two are occupied with each other and big sister overseeing it all. You know this house if full of fun, laughter, and I”m guessing a few disputes once in a while.



Irma and Ernie’s Rome Wedding at the Pantheon or the Most Breathtaking Entrance Ever

First of all I’m not even sure where to start on this adventure or even what to share.  There is absolutely no way to fully capture the feeling of the day, the people, or the location with just a few photos and words. The sites and sounds were so much a part of the excitement.  From the vibrant colors and smells  of the Campo de Fiori where I started documenting the day til the pouring rain and  lighting storm that brought the day to an end.  There was so many great moments during the day but I decided I would share with you my favorite one.  This left me awed.

I’ve photographed weddings for years and in my opinion this was the most breathtaking entrances ever for a bride. I felt like I was watching a classic black and white movie but realized I was there  live in color  watching it unveil thru the lens of my camera.

The outside of the Pantheon was just buzzing.  Who gets married at the Pantheon?  Is that the king of the Phillipeans?  Is she a famous actress?  Hundreds of people huddled together to get a better view as the Rolls Royce pulled up to the Ancient Monument with its towering columns.  Irma looked  like a version of Audrey Hepburn as she revealed herself from the car.  Congratulations and best wishes were being sent to her in so many different languages and cameras were just clicking away.  It was so sweet as she stopped in shyness, smiled, and waved at all the people.  It had to be an amazing moment to experience her face was just beaming.  With a parent on each side her mother tenderly pulled her veil over her face as she entered the Pantheon with its massive and majestic doorways.  To think of how many brides thru the centuries  had entered thru the threshold of this church to be wed was just awesome.  I can’t even imagine what went thru Ernie’s mind as he saw her enter.  It was one of the most majestic and dramatic entrances I’d ever experienced.   It was truly breathtaking.

To see more of their day click here.


More photos from Irma and Ernie’s Rome Wedding

I couldn’t resist sharing a few more.  Like I mentioned before there was so many moments it was hard to pick.

The first one here is of Irma getting ready in her Italian apartment overlooking Campo di Fiori.


More pretties…….


Some shots from our superfast bride and groom session. Rain was just waiting to fall.  Our driver wouldn’t take us to the Coloseum he said to much traffic.  Irma wanted the Coloseum so we made the best of it and had fun in the process.  They had guts have you seen how the Romans drive? :)


Ernie getting down at his reception.  This crowd was a blast.


I loved this girl she walked around with her camera on this big pole and took photos with her in them.


The end of the night with the most unusual cake I’d ever seen.  It was huge and round but flat.  It was like a pizza cake. The stairs well that is just beautiful.